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With several years of experience, we took the initial step by founding Al Wahda Debt Collection Company under the direction of a group of highly experienced experts and advisors whose work in the field dates back decades. We have been representing clients in courts and offer a full range of legal services and advice to businesses and individuals. By pooling our resources and expertise, we are able to offer debt collection service effectively and the most effective legal services in the United Arab Emirates, therefore fostering trust in the legal system, helping to ensure that everyone's rights are protected and that justice is served.

In accordance with the standards of integrity, proficiency and transparency, we collect debt to serve the interests of customers’ changing needs
To shine as a debt collecting agency in accordance with the norms and needs of the UAE and its residents
Providing distinguished services by harnessing the full potential of our clients while adhering to the highest quality standards. We provide adequate and satisfactory legal advice that is based on preserving the client's needs in order to ensure the best ways to protect his rights and assist him in making his decisions. We, moreover, represent the client legally with all professionalism before official and judicial authorities.

OurLegal Services

All debt collection services are handled via one single office


Legal Debt Collection


Corporate Debt Collection


Collect Regular Payments


Collection Of Disputed Amounts


Filing Criminal Cases


Business Debt Collection




Collect financing accounts payments/defaults


Collection of bounced checks/unpaid bills


Collection of insurance claims amounts


Collection of construction and maintenance debts


Collecting mortgage amounts


Settlement of real estate disputes


Collection of real estate installments

Al-Wehda Debt Collection Generally Aims To

A Powerful Ally in The Courtroom and Much More

Manage Clients’ receivables and to maximize recoveries.
Maximize year-end revenue by minimizing the potential losses.
Uphold Clients’ credibility in the market.
Consultations on new and/or revision of Business Credit policies.
Finance and risk management solutions.
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CodeOf Conduct

We are wholeheartedly committed to the ethics and honor of the profession under these principles




Social Responsibility



Why Us

Experts, and excelled through its profound expertise

Legal and Collection Departments Form a Single Company.
Owners of these companies are eminent Emirati Supreme Court attorneys.
Extensive background working on legal issues at every level.
Over two decades of working in legal and collection fields.
Manage receivables for banks, corporations, and government agencies
Knowledgeable about boosting profitability and decreasing bad debts.
Free legal services are provided as part of Collection & Recovery Services.

We take you step by step to recover your rights

We have all the capabilities and relationships that facilitate our works and expedite the implementation of your legal transactions

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We keep our eyes on providing the best services to customers through
Meeting with the client and allocating enough time to know all the details.
Studying the file submitted by the client, drawing a road map for work, and achieving the best results.
Preparing well-informed legal advice with regular and affordable solutions.
Start taking legal action.
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